About Our Process


Tenant Application Process:

We review each application thoroughly.  Our process is about making it easy for our potential tenants to apply by reviewing the properties online and determining if its the right property for you. Once you make that decision the application process can begin, which includes a phone interview, onsite walk through of property,  application submittal, which includes; credit check, income validation, background check and reference review.

Step 1:

Review the property of interest, review our policies and make sure you understand them, you can also ask any questions you may have via our contact page.  

Step 2:  

Fill out the Pre-Qualification Form. We will review your pre-application and get back to you the next business day.

Step 3:  

After you're pre-qualified, the candidate is invited to an onsite walk through of the property and to fill out the tenant application on cozy.co
(See Step 4)

Step 4:

Fill out the Tenant application via the link below, we do a soft credit check on each applicant, check references and do an income verification using cozy.co.  Cozy will charge $39.99 for this service and is non-refundable.

Now Accepting Applications via Cozy.co:

Rental Availability Gallery

Step 5:

Once we review the application, we will send candidates an email inviting them to a final interview at the available residence.

Step 6:

Final Selection is made and all candidates are notified if they were selected or not.